Our Story

Lanaslagoon was created from the belief that achieving a versatile style should be effortless. We aim to provide high-quality, original products sourced locally from all around New England. Growing up five minutes away from the ocean, we developed an appreciation for it, but after traveling around the country, the rest of the American landscape became something we greatly admired. From the rolling hills of the heartland to the peaks of the Rockies, every corner of this land tells a story, and our goal is to put that into our apparel. With Lanaslagoon everyone can wear their American spirit.

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The Dynamic Duo

Our team here at Lanaslagoon consists of two best friends who adore the fashion industry and are passionate about sharing the love with others. Alana started her brand at the age of 16 years old back in 2020. She decided to take a huge leap and turn her favorite hobby of designing and creating clothing into her career. Delaney began helping Alana run her company when they first became friends. Delaney’s talent in the social media industry made her the perfect fit to help run the brands account’s and work on content creation.


-Alana & Delaney

Our Mission

Our mission at Lanaslagoon is to honor the spirit of our country and the ones who serve it by crafting high-quality clothing designed right here in the United States. Our brand is driven by our love for the diversity of American geography, drawing inspiration from summit to shore. We strive to create apparel that reflects the core American values, that’s why every piece we sell is a symbol of our love for the freedom, independence, and endless opportunities that the Land of the Free provides.

Our Apparel 

Our  inspiration for the brand was sparked every time we went outside. We had quickly come to the realization that there is so much more to see in our world than what lies within suburban Massachusetts. This is why we took it upon ourselves to create original designs primarily inspired by our love for our country and everything that it holds within it.
We strive to produce the highest quality clothing with meaning behind each design and an underlying love for each piece we sell. Our goal is to create clothing suitable for every adventure, so we hope that Lanaslagoon has everything you could ever want, all within a few clicks of a button!

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